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Midland College Achieves All-Steinway Designation

Midland College is Fourth All-Steinway School in Texas

(Midland, Texas) --- Midland College in Midland, Texas has joined a select group of All-Steinway Schools, the fourth community college in the country and only the fourth school in Texas (with Texas Christian University, Texas A&M – Laredo, and McLennan Community College) with this designation.  As an All-Steinway School, Midland College will use Steinway and Steinway-designed pianos in all aspects of teaching and performance.  

Midland College’s purchase includes a Steinway concert grand and Steinway grands and uprights, as well as Steinway-designed Boston grands and uprights, for use in the Midland College Music Department's practice and performance spaces.  

 “Our vision has always been to put excellent higher education opportunities within reach of all our students, regardless of background,” said Dr. Nicholas Elderkin, director of piano studies at Midland College.  “Becoming an All-Steinway School is helping our vision become a reality and helping our students achieve their dreams.”

Midland College Celebrates All-Steinway Status

Midland College worked with Steinway Hall – Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano to coordinate the acquisition.  The pianos were delivered to Midland College in September 2010.  

To celebrate the All-Steinway designation, the Midland College Foundation will host “Music, Magic & Steinway” on Thursday, September 30 at 7 p.m. in the Al G. Langford Chaparral Center at Midland College.  Admission is free. Pianist José Feghali, gold medal winner of the 1985 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and Artist-in-Residence at Texas Christian University, will perform.  Ron Losby, President of Steinway & Sons – Americas, will attend the celebration.

 “The All-Steinway designation marks a school’s commitment to the Steinway experience for students, faculty, visiting artists, and community alike,” said Danny Saliba, president of Steinway Hall – Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano.  “Midland College is playing a major role in preparing the next generation of artists for the world’s concert stages.”

Steinway & Sons and the network of Steinway piano dealers recognize the great value of excellent pianos to students’ learning.  The value of the Steinway extends beyond the student’s learning, as well, enhancing the value of each educational institution, its donors and benefactors, artists, faculty, students, alumni, and community.   

Midland College and the Midland College Foundation are available on the web at or by calling 432-685-4526.



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