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The Standard of Customer Satisfaction

Our Mission: To provide customers with the highest quality pianos and related services consistent with Steinway's reputation for excellence.

To Provide every customer with a positive, unique and memorable piano shopping experience.

To treat every customer in a couteous and professional manner.

To present our products in a showroome environment which is comfortable, relaxed and welcoming.

To answer every customer question in an honest, informative and thorough manner.

To perform a professional delivery and set up which is respectful of the customers personal enviroment.

To ensure all follow-up piano service is carried out efficiently and professionally through the knowledgeable and experience technicians.

To maintain a countinous and supportive relationship with every customer who becomes a member of the Steinway Family.

What to Expect When You Visit our Showrooms

You know your budget and your financing options. You've done research on the pianos that are right for you. Now, you're ready to visit the showroom.  These five steps will create an optimum experience.

You will be greeted by a Steinway Sales Representative

When you first walk into our showroom you will be welcomed by one of our sales professionals. They'll ask what piano(s) you’re interested in and what your primary use of the piano will be.  Feel free to tell them your budget and financing plans.   Everything is confidential. Your visit to our showroom is about helping you find the piano that best fits your needs.

Together will review our pianos

If you are not sure which piano is right for you before you arrive, our Steinway representative will walk you through the complete line of Steinway-designed pianos.  If at any time you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  Our job is to be your guide.  Also, discuss finish, size, add-ons, and trade-ins (if you have a piano to trade in).

If the piano fits, play it!

The most important aspect of selecting a piano is finding the one that is right for you. Each piano is different in its own unique way.  One piano may feel perfect but not have the tonal quality you are looking for.  Another piano may be just the opposite.  Our job is to help you find the piano that fulfills your wants and needs.  The more pianos you play during your visit, the more confident you will be in your selection.

Carefully discuss payment options, warranty information and delivery

When you have enough information to make your decision, you'll sit down with your sales representative and perhaps our finance department for the final details:

  • If financing, you'll complete a credit application; they may also request a credit report.
  • If your credit application is approved and you agree with the dealer on the final terms and conditions, you're ready to buy.
  • If purchasing a piano, you'll sign the Sale Contract between you and Steinway Hall.
  • Your sales representative will go over every detail of the manufacturer's warranty and warranty registration process, complimentary after delivery service, general piano maintenance and the Steinway (Trade-Up) Promise.
  • We then will make arrangements to deliver your new piano at a time that is convenient.  As well, a pre-delivery prep will be completed by our piano technician.

Please Note: We do not artificially inflate the so-called list price and discount according to your bargaining skills. Our founder, Henry E. Steinway said, “Build the best piano possible and sell it at the lowest price consistent with quality.” We have lived up to his edict since Steinway Hall – Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano opened in 1992. Besides giving you the true value of our instruments, this assures you of the investment value of your newly selected piano.

We welcome you to the Steinway family.

You will have just become the owner of a superb musical instrument.  After selecting your new piano from our showroom, you can find out what would happen next in our Owner’s Section.

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