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Piano Fundraising Tools

While you are probably well aquainted with fundraising, you may not have participated in a piano fundraising program to raise money to purchase pianos before. Donors for pianos can come from predictable as well as unlikely places and it's important to "get the word out" as to your need. A piano can evoke warm memories and stir strong emotions.

Steinway & Sons and our Steinway Representatives your efforts by assisting you with the pre-packaged, ready-to-run fundraising programs listed in the Piano Fundraising Guide. You may combine several of these programs to get to your desired goal. Once you are ready to proceed, simply obtain the necessary materials from us. The recommendations in the Piano Fundraising Guid are designed to help you raise funds for this life time investment.

The Steinway Fundraising Kit includes programs such as: 

Getting its name from the 88 keys on the piano keyboard, the 88 Keys initiative allows your donors to "purchase" one or more keys to help your reach your desired goal of a new Steinway Designed Piano. You simple take the amount of money you need to raise to purchase the piano and divide by 88 segements. This will give you the cost of each piano key. This gives your supporters a concrete way to express their appreciation of quality piano music - and their desire to cultivate it.

The Grand Club recognizes donors who generously provide funds for your piano project. This program is particularly effective when a significant number of instruments are needed.

World wide over 98% of all pianists performing today with major orchestras choose the Steinway piano exclusively. No other piano can make that claim. When you are fundraising for your new piano, a concert by a Steinway Artist can draw attention to and create enthusiasm for your campaign, as well as raise the money you need through ticket sales.

In this program, supporters of your organization host exclusive, invitation-only fundraising performances in their homes. The Steinway In-home Concert Series opens up some of the finest homes in your area, showcasing the homeowners’ art case, heirloom or other Steinway pianos. If a supporter is interested in hosting a concert but does not have a Steinway-Designed grand piano yet, your authorized dealer can arrange for a piano to be placed in the home for the concert.

Music students and teachers in your community contribute practice hours in exchange for donations toward the acquisition of your new Steinway-Designed piano.

The best way to truly appreciate a Steinway- Designed piano is to see, hear and play one for yourself. So it follows that one of the best ways to generate excitement about raising funds to acquire a new Steinway-Designed piano is by giving your congregation the opportunity to experience one of these magnificent instruments firsthand. In the Audition a Steinway Program, your authorized Steinway dealer arranges for your house of worship to have a Steinway-Designed piano on site for your donor focused event


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