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Steinway Announces Mclennan Community College Achieves All-Steinway Designation

McLennan Becomes Third All-Steinway School in Texas

(Dallas, Texas) --- Casey D. Saliba, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Steinway Hall - Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano, confirmed today that McLennan Community College (MCC) in Waco has joined an exclusive group of All-Steinway Schools.  McLennan is one of only 111 prestigious colleges, universities, and conservatories in the United States and worldwide that hold this title.  

McLennan is the third community college in the country and only the third school in Texas (with Texas Christian University and Texas A&M – Laredo) to join the roster of All-Steinway schools.  The MCC Foundation is purchasing 27 Steinway pianos, working with Steinway Hall – Dallas to coordinate the acquisition. 

"It is an honor to work with McLennan Community College during this acquisition,” said Steinway Hall president Danny Saliba. ”With this milestone, MCC is making a clear statement that the administration is paying attention to the artistry of the faculty and students and is committed to better preparing these young artists to step out onto the world’s concert stages."

McLennan’s purchase includes one concert grand and five smaller grand pianos, as well as 21 smaller pianos for use in the MCC music programs’ practice and recital schedules.  

An All-Steinway School purchases a minimum of 10 Steinway pianos to be used in all aspects of teaching and performance – from the practice room to the concert stage.  The All-Steinway designation marks a school’s commitment to bringing the Steinway experience to students, faculty, visiting artists, and community alike.  

“The Steinway is the top quality piano in the world,” said Harry Harelik, MCC Foundation Executive Director.  “Properly maintained, these pianos promise to be a great investment for our school. Our students appreciate the pianos and their music lessons, and our faculty members are excited with the marvelous upgrade in musical instruments as well as the opportunity to recruit talented new students and faculty to MCC.”

“There are so many nuances involved with playing the piano,” agreed Dr. Donald Balmos, MCC Dean of Arts and Sciences. “It’s only when you have a magnificent piano like a Steinway that you can teach those nuances and tones.”  

The pianos were delivered to McLennan in early January.  The MCC Foundation is in the midst of a majorfundraising initiative to support the acquisition and provide a permanent piano maintenance fund; about half of the total dollars have been raised.  Ron Losby, President of Steinway & Sons – Americas, will present the college an All-Steinway School plaque at the MCC Foundation’s Scholarship Recognition Event tomorrow, September 14, at 8 p.m. at the MCC Conference Center, 4601 N. 19th St. 

“McLennan's investment to become an All-Steinway School provides both their faculty and students the best tools possible for the study of music,” said Phil Gibbs, Institutional Director, Steinway Hall - Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano.  “In addition to the reputation that the All-Steinway School designation gives it, MCC has effectively solved its piano inventory for many years to come.  Congratulations to McLennan for achieving this milestone.”

Since 1877, Steinway & Sons and the network of Steinway piano dealers have recognized the great value of excellent pianos to students’ learning.  The value of the Steinway extends beyond the student’s learning, as well, enhancing the value of each educational institution, its donors and benefactors, artists, faculty, students, alumni, and community.  

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