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Today, more than 98 percent of the world's active concert pianists - over 1,700 artists - bear the title "Steinway Artist".  Each owns a Steinway. All choose to perform on Steinway pianos exclusively. Importantly, none are paid to do so; their only inducement is the unrivaled sound and responsiveness of their Steinway pianos.

The Famed "Piano Bank"

In North America, Steinway & Sons maintains an inventory of 300 pianos for concert performances from the company's unique "piano bank".  Steinway places the concert pianos thoughout the Steinway dealer network in North America.  Each Steinway dealer is required to maintain these instruments to Steinway concert standards at all times.

Steinway Artist Billy Joel performing on a Steinway piano from the Concert & Artist bank.
The Steinway Concert & Artist Bank is available to superstars such as Yuja Wang and you!

As the Steinway & Sons representative for North Texas & Houston, we provide instruments and technical services for hundereds of concerts and events each year.  Whether your are a concert pianist or are looking for a fine piano for a private event, we can provide the piano and services to meet your needs.

International and local artist count on us to provide concert ready instruments and technical services for their perfomances.  Along with maintaining our concert pianos, our chief concert technician will help select the instrument, insure transportation of the piano to the venue and service the piano prior to the concert.

These concert services are available to institutions, concert halls, piano recitals, houses of worship centers, and private events.  The goal of our Concert & Artist department is to assure that the concert artist has the finest instrument for their performance.

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