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Piano Moving

The cardinal rule of piano-moving is never to try to do it yourself. A professional piano mover should be called for your piano — whether the move is up or down stairs or to a new home.

A piano is both heavy and delicately balanced. It simply cannot be regarded as another large piece of furniture. Only professional piano movers have the specialized skills, equipment and experience to do this job.

We recommend that you contact us for your piano moving needs. We can also help should you need to know the shipping volume or weight of your piano.

On rare occasions it may be necessary to leave your piano unattended in an unheated house. Should you be faced with this situation, we have the facilities to store you piano safely and properly.

We look forward to making your moving day go as smoothly as possible. 

For more information or to schedule your piano move, contact our service department by completing the form below.

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